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5G DRIVE - Diversified RAN Integration & Vendor Evaluation

5G DRIVE a DCMS project, plans to revolutionise the way in which private networks connect to public networks making them more accessible for customers. Driving connectivity forward...

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24th January 2022:in Dr Mark Grayson latest blog, he talks about why private cellular networks are essential for enterprise operations and digital transformation. Wi-Fi and cellular technology have been integrated into various industries, with private metropolitan-area cellular networks emerging due to regulatory approaches to licensing cellular frequencies. The challenge of scaling private networks requires simplification and a legal framework for interconnecting networks while supporting the unique scaling attributes of private networks and separate credential holders. Cisco is investing in solving this challenge to integrate private 3GPP Non-Public Networks with established public cellular networks securely and at scale..

17th January 2022: Dr Gregory Epiphaniou talks about the work of the researchers from the University of Warwick and how the project aims to capitalise on the potential of private networks enabled by 5G and deliver smart services that improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. WMG researchers are working alongside Cisco, ORI, Virgin Media O2, and WaveMobile to design security into the system and ensure increased accountability, oversight, trustworthiness, and resilience. The SCSR Group led by Professor Carsten Maple is investigating the security and privacy of the 5G network deployed in the project and assessing the lightweight encryption algorithms that can be applied to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the messages being passed.

Thursday 10th November 2022: Desmond O'Connor talked about our 5G DRIVE project, at the CW (Cambridge Wireless Ltd) event on ‘Network slicing a vision or reality?’ at the XCHG Spaces in London.

Thursday 10th November 2022: in our latest thought piece, Dr Mark Grayson, Cisco Fellow, outlines how simplification and scaling of private 5G solutions is going to be critical to ensuring the full potential of 5G can be harnessed, and how the 5G Drive project is tackling this challenge head on.

Wednesday 2nd November 2022: Dez O'Connor talks about why 5G DRIVE has the right partners with the right credentials and attitude to move the needle on private 5G solutions. Cisco outlines why they’re excited to be part of the 5G Drive project!

Thursday 13th October 2022: The 5G DRIVE consortium led by Virgin Media O2 and part-funded by the DCMS has completed its first trials, which saw the consortium successfully trial a new secure network connection capability for integrating private and public networks to form a network of networks

Wednesday 8th December 2021: A consortium led by a team from Virgin Media O2 has won a DCMS grant to explore possible Open RAN solutions and encourage 5G vendor diversity. The winning project team also featured technology giant CISCO; global edge platform Ori Industries; the University of Warwick who will ensure the security of the platform; and rural network provider, operator and hardware vendor, wavemobile Ltd.

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